Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Service Title Minister Key Text
Dec 22, 2019 Morning A Fullness Dwells in the Mediator Rev. Mark Vander Hart Colossians 2:1–15
Dec 15, 2019 Preparing for Christ through Humble Service Rev. Greg Bylsma Matthew 25:31–46
Dec 15, 2019 Afternoon Hope for the Dirty Rev Daniel Ventura Revelation 12:7–12
Dec 8, 2019 Afternoon The Invisible Hand of the Lord Mr. Carl Gobelman Ruth 2
Dec 8, 2019 Morning Kindness in the Midst of Disaster Mr. Carl Gobelman Ruth 1
Nov 24, 2019 Afternoon Conduct Yourself in Fear Daniel Hamstra 1 Peter 1:17–21
Nov 24, 2019 Morning The Suffering Shepherd Daniel Hamstra Zechariah 13:7–9
Nov 17, 2019 Afternoon God's Patience (or longsuffering) Rev M Moesker 2 Peter 3
Nov 10, 2019 Afternoon Belgic Confession Rev C VanDyken Luke 10:1–24
Nov 10, 2019 Morning Call Upon the Lord Rev C VanDyken Psalm 116
Nov 3, 2019 Afternoon The Origin of Man's Sinful Nature Rev. Mark Zylstra Romans 5:12–21
Nov 3, 2019 Morning God's Guests Rev. Mark Zylstra Psalm 15
Oct 27, 2019 Afternoon The Misery of Man Rev. Mark Zylstra Romans 3:9–20
Oct 27, 2019 Morning Discipline of Faith Rev. Mark Zylstra Psalm 27:7–14
Oct 20, 2019 Afternoon Lord's Day 1 Read by Frank DeVries 1 Timothy 3:14—4:5
Oct 20, 2019 Morning In the eighth plague the Lord sends locust to humble Pharoah and devastate Egypt. Read by David Werkema Exodus 10:1–20
Oct 14, 2019 Morning Thankfulness Shouldn't be Surprising Amongst God's Covenant People Read by van den Berg, Elder Peter John 6:1–15
Oct 13, 2019 Afternoon The Rich Comfort of Having a Great High Priest in Heaven Dr. Arjan de Visser Acts 1:1–11
Oct 13, 2019 Morning Christ the Light of the World Dr. Arjan de Visser John 9
Oct 6, 2019 Afternoon Saved by the Man or Sorrows Rev. Harry Zekveld Isaiah 52:13—53:12
Oct 6, 2019 Morning Our Help and Our Hope Rev. Harry Zekveld Psalm 146
Sep 29, 2019 Afternoon God's People Continually Pray For the Coming of the KIngdom Rev. Ancel Merwin Acts 17
Sep 29, 2019 Morning Jesus Uses a Powerful Storm to Show His Disciples That They Can Completely Trust In Him Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 8:18–27
Sep 22, 2019 Afternoon The Power and the Grace of the Son of God Rev. Christo Heiberg Luke 8:22–56
Sep 22, 2019 Morning Only My Word Will Convince and Preserve You Rev. Christo Heiberg Luke 16:14–31
Sep 15, 2019 Afternoon Eternal Glory Rev. Mark Zylstra Revelation 7:9–17
Sep 15, 2019 Afternoon Righteousness, Peace, Joy Rev. Mark Zylstra Romans 14
Sep 8, 2019 Afternoon Overflowing Grace for the Chief of Sinners Rev Martin Vogel Acts 22:1–15
Sep 8, 2019 Morning God of the Dead, or of the Living? Rev Martin Vogel Luke 20:27–40
Sep 1, 2019 Afternoon Knowing the Holy God leads us to the truth. Rev. Thabet Megaly Isaiah 6
Sep 1, 2019 Morning The Church Spreads the Word Rev. Thabet Megaly Acts 11:19–30
Aug 25, 2019 Afternoon God Speaks to Us Rev E Langendoen Psalm 19
Aug 25, 2019 Morning Christ and the Cross Rev E Langendoen Mark 8:31–38
Aug 18, 2019 Afternoon Gospel Humility Rev. Jeremy Veldman Philippians 2:1–11
Aug 18, 2019 Morning Gospel Unity Rev. Jeremy Veldman Philippians 2:1–11
Aug 11, 2019 Afternoon The Keys of the Kingdom Mr. Nathan Zekveld Matthew 16:13–20
Aug 11, 2019 Morning The Christian is called to faith in the promises of God even death. Mr. Nathan Zekveld Genesis 50:22–26
Aug 4, 2019 Afternoon The mission of the true Servant Rev. Thabet Megaly Isaiah 42:6–7
Aug 4, 2019 Morning The true Servant of the Lord Rev. Thabet Megaly Isaiah 42:1–4
Jul 14, 2019 Afternoon The advantage in serving the Lord. Rev. Mark Zylstra Revelation 20:11—21:8
Jul 7, 2019 Afternoon The great way to evangelize. Rev. Thabet Megaly John 4:1–30
Jun 30, 2019 Afternoon Tell the glorious deeds of the Lord. Rev. Raymond Sikkema Deuteronomy 6
Jun 30, 2019 Morning The call to office. Rev. Raymond Sikkema 1 Timothy 4
Jun 23, 2019 Afternoon The Valley of Baca. Rev. Mark Zylstra Psalm 84
Jun 23, 2019 Morning The great victory. Rev. Mark Zylstra Revelation 19:1–10
Jun 16, 2019 Afternoon What different dads do with the Word of the Lord. Rev. R Bout 1 Kings 12:25—13:34
Jun 16, 2019 Morning Standing firm in difficult times. Rev. R Bout Psalm 13
Jun 9, 2019 Afternoon The simple lesson of three parables of joy. Luke 15
Jun 9, 2019 Morning If I have not love, I am nothing. Luke 10:25–32
Jun 2, 2019 Afternoon We glorify God, being much comforted by His gracious preserving power. Rev F Folkerts Jude 1–4
Jun 2, 2019 Morning The end of all things is at hand, it spurs us on to Christian duty. Rev F Folkerts 1 Peter 4:1–11
May 30, 2019 Morning By His Ascension into heaven Jesus Christ received all dominion, power, and glory. Rev F Folkerts Daniel 7:1–16
May 26, 2019 Afternoon God has appointed various means by which we persevere in the faith Rev F Folkerts Psalm 1
May 26, 2019 Morning Little children of God await the appearing of their Savior Rev F Folkerts 1 John 2:18–29
May 19, 2019 Afternoon The assurance of perseverance is a strong incentive to godly living Rev F Folkerts Psalm 30
May 19, 2019 Morning We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ Rev F Folkerts 2 Corinthians 5:1–11
May 12, 2019 Afternoon Believers do not always feel the full assurance of faith and of persevering. Rev F Folkerts Psalm 77:1–15
May 12, 2019 Morning Paul praises the Philippian church for their generous gifts to him, in support of the gospel ministry Rev F Folkerts Philippians 4:8–20
May 5, 2019 Afternoon True believers do gain assurance of their salvation Rev F Folkerts Psalm 37:18–29
May 5, 2019 Morning The apostles and faithful ministers are to God the fragrance of Christ Rev F Folkerts 2 Corinthians 2
Apr 21, 2019 Afternoon God preserves fallen sinners from eternal ruin Rev F Folkerts Ephesians 1:1–14
Apr 19, 2019 Morning Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom Rev F Folkerts Luke 23:26–43
Apr 14, 2019 Afternoon Persevering in grace demands our constant warfare agains sin Rev F Folkerts 1 John 2:15–17
Apr 14, 2019 Morning Behold, your King is coming to you, having salvation Rev F Folkerts John 12:12–19
Apr 7, 2019 Afternoon Believers persevere in the faith, preserved by God Rev F Folkerts Romans 6:13–18
Apr 7, 2019 Morning Mary lavishes her love on the Lord Jesus Rev F Folkerts John 12:1–8
Mar 31, 2019 Afternoon By means of the holy admonitions of the gospel God implements His irresistible grace Rev F Folkerts 1 Peter 1:22–25
Mar 31, 2019 Morning The religious authorities plot to kill Jesus Rev F Folkerts John 11:45–53
Mar 28, 2019 Evening We live in the hands of a great and mighty loving God Rev F Folkerts Psalm 107:33–38
Mar 24, 2019 Afternoon Christ's Death Frees the Believer Rev J Sinke John 19:31–42
Mar 24, 2019 Morning My Soul Thirsts for You Rev J Sinke Matthew 5:6
Mar 17, 2019 Afternoon Our Attitude is to be Shaped by our Experience of God's Grace Rev F Folkerts Isaiah 64
Mar 17, 2019 Morning We Have a Building From God, Eternal in the Heavens Rev F Folkerts 2 Corinthians 5:1–8
Mar 10, 2019 Afternoon We Praise God for His Irresistable Grace Rev F Folkerts Colossians 1:13–14
Mar 10, 2019 Morning Jesus Christ Said to Them, I Am The Bread of Life Rev F Folkerts John 6:30–36
Mar 3, 2019 Afternoon All Who are Called by the Gospel, God Sincerely Calls, That They May Live Rev F Folkerts Isaiah 55:1–7
Mar 3, 2019 Morning Jesus Commissions the Twelve to Preach the Kingdom of Heaven Rev F Folkerts Matthew 10:1–15
Nov 25, 2018 Afternoon All Things From His Hand? Rev Martin Vogel 2 Kings 5:1–7
Nov 25, 2018 Morning The Trinity and Christian Unity Rev Martin Vogel 2 Corinthians 13:5–14
Nov 18, 2018 Afternoon The Elect Gain Assurance of Their Eternal, Unchangeable Election Rev F Folkerts Malachi 3:6–7
Nov 18, 2018 Morning The Word of the Lord Returns, Beginning the Confrontation Rev F Folkerts 1 Kings 18:7–16
Nov 11, 2018 Afternoon All Believers are Unconditionally Elected to Faith, Holiness and Glory Rev F Folkerts Acts 15:6–11
Nov 11, 2018 Morning The God of Jacob is our Refuge Rev F Folkerts Psalm 46
Nov 4, 2018 Afternoon All Believers were Elected in Christ Before the Foundation of the World Rev F Folkerts Canons of Dort: First: Article 7
Nov 4, 2018 Morning Only Because of His Grace Does God Return to Unfaithful Israel Rev F Folkerts 1 Kings 18:1–16
Oct 28, 2018 Afternoon The Lord Fights His Battle! Rev Marc Jagt 1 Samuel 5
Oct 28, 2018 Morning God Judges the People who Treat Him Lightly - and Removes His Glory from Their Midst Rev Marc Jagt 1 Samuel 4
Oct 21, 2018 Afternoon With Grace and Justice, God Works out all Things After the Counsel of His Will Rev F Folkerts Acts 15:1–18
Oct 21, 2018 Morning The Lord Leads a Pagan Widow and Us to Complete Trust in His Word Rev F Folkerts 1 Kings 17:17–24
Oct 7, 2018 Morning God Commands His Faithful Servant to go into Hiding Rev F Folkerts 1 Kings 17:1–17
Sep 23, 2018 Afternoon Because of our Depravity, we are Entirely Dependant on Divine Grace Rev F Folkerts Romans 1:18–21
Sep 23, 2018 Morning Jesus Calls His Disciples from Weak Faith to Putting Their Trust in Him Rev F Folkerts Luke 8:22–25
Sep 16, 2018 Morning Let Us Press on to the Goal of the Upward Call of God in Jesus Christ Rev F Folkerts Philippians 3:12–16
Sep 9, 2018 Afternoon Christ (re)Orders all Things Luke 13
Sep 9, 2018 Morning What is Your Reputation Rev. R Bout 1 Thessalonians 1
Sep 2, 2018 Afternoon Our Soveriegn God Saves by Opening and Closing Eyes Read by Elder Dave Werkema 2 Kings 6:8–23
Sep 2, 2018 Morning The Lord Teaches us the Divine Charachter of the Christian to Live Out Rev F Folkerts 1 Peter 3:1–12
Jul 8, 2018 Afternoon Transforming Grace Daniel Hamstra Genesis 28:10–22
Jul 8, 2018 Morning The GOD who Serves Rev Daniel Ventura John 13:1–17
Jul 1, 2018 Afternoon The LORD Secures the Sucsession of His Anointed to the Throne Bryce deZwarte 1 Kings 1
Jul 1, 2018 Morning A Prayer of Response Daniel Hamstra Psalm 85
Apr 8, 2018 Evening The Glory Directing "Soli Deo Gloria" Rev Andrew Compton 2 Corinthians 3:18
Apr 8, 2018 Morning The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge Rev Andrew Compton Proverbs 1:7
Apr 1, 2018 Evening Jesus Taught Us to Pray "Thy Kingdom Come" Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 48
Apr 1, 2018 Morning Three Women React Emotionally to the Resurrection of Jesus From the Tomb Rev F Folkerts Mark 16:1–8
Mar 30, 2018 Morning Never was There any Sorrow Like Our Lord's Sorrow Rev F Folkerts Mark 14:32–36
Mar 25, 2018 Evening When We are Like Unmarked Graves Rev Martin Vogel Luke 11:37–44
Mar 25, 2018 Morning Weep for Yourselves and Your Children Rev Martin Vogel Luke 23:26–31
Mar 18, 2018 Evening When Sorrow Comes, We Should Pray Rev Will Hesterberg John 16:19–33
Mar 18, 2018 Morning Jesus Rebukes a Dissatisfied Generation Rev F Folkerts Matthew 11:16–19
Mar 11, 2018 Evening Jesus Taught Us to Pray "Hallowed Be Thy Name" Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 47
Mar 11, 2018 Morning Jesus, Highly Esteemed John to Highly Esteem The Gospel by Asking "What Did You Go Out to See?" Rev F Folkerts Matthew 11:7–12
Mar 4, 2018 Evening Jesus Taught Us to Pray "Our Father Who Art in Heaven" Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 46
Mar 4, 2018 Morning Are You The Coming One Or Do We Look For Another? Rev F Folkerts Matthew 11:2–6
Jan 7, 2018 Evening We Love GOD and our Neighbour When We Keep the 8th Commandment Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 42
Nov 19, 2017 Evening Honor Your Father and Mother That it May be Well With You Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 39
Nov 19, 2017 Morning The Marriage Supper of The Lamb Has Come Rev F Folkerts Revelation 19:7–9
Sep 24, 2017 Evening Out of Bondage GOD Has Delivered Us Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 34
Sep 24, 2017 Morning Desperately Wicked Hearts are Healed Only By The LORD Rev F Folkerts Jeremiah 17:1–14
Sep 17, 2017 Evening Sanctified Words. They Are: Rev M Moesker Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 43
Sep 17, 2017 Morning Buy The Truth and Do Not Sell It Rev M Moesker Proverbs 23
Sep 10, 2017 Evening What Do We Do That is Good? Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 33
Sep 10, 2017 Morning What is Man, That You Are Mindful of Him? Rev F Folkerts Psalm 8:3–5
Sep 3, 2017 Evening JESUS is The Only Savior Rev Van Hal Acts 4:12
Sep 3, 2017 Morning Wondrously Chosen by GOD in CHRIST Rev Van Hal Ephesians 1:4
Aug 27, 2017 Evening GOD the Warrior Rejoices Over You Ministerial Candidate James Zekveld Zephaniah 3:11–20
Aug 27, 2017 Morning Two Ways to Live: According to the Flesh, or the Spirit Ministerial Candidate James Zekveld Romans 8:3–11
Aug 20, 2017 Evening Two Very Different Roads Rev C VanDyken Proverbs 12:5–7
Aug 20, 2017 Morning Blessed Be The Man and His Wife Rev C VanDyken Proverbs 12:2–4
Jul 30, 2017 Evening Accepting The Will of GOD Rev B Short Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 49
Jul 30, 2017 Morning New Life in Christ Rev B Short 2 Corinthians 4:10–11
Jul 23, 2017 Evening I Believe in One GOD: Father, Son and Holy Spirit Rev Tony Zekveld Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 8
Jul 23, 2017 Morning What is Impossible With Man is Possible With GOD Rev G Mynders Luke 19:1–10
Jul 16, 2017 Evening Unfailing Love Rev. Greg Bylsma 2 Samuel 7:14–15
Jul 16, 2017 Morning Even More Rev. Greg Bylsma 2 Samuel 7:10–13
Jul 9, 2017 Evening The Totally Committed Life of a Believer Rev Neil Pronk Romans 12:1–2
Jul 9, 2017 Morning Obadiah Rev Neil Pronk 1 Kings 18:12
Jun 25, 2017 Evening Our Daily Bread Rev Daniel Ventura Matthew 6:9–11
Jun 25, 2017 Morning When Faith Meets a Famine Rev Daniel Ventura Genesis 12:10–20
Jun 4, 2017 Evening Never Beyond Duty Rev B Short Luke 17:1–19
Jun 4, 2017 Morning Hope In Desparing Times Rev B Short Psalm 12
May 28, 2017 Evening Called to be GOD's Own Special People Rev J Bouwers Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 21
May 28, 2017 Morning Faith Chooses for Christ Rev J Bouwers Hebrews 11:23–29
May 25, 2017 Evening Christ Gives Good Gifts Rev E Langendoen Ephesians 4:7–16
May 21, 2017 Evening The Preserving Savior Rev B Short Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 1
May 21, 2017 Morning Blessings In Christ Rev B Short Colossians 1:14
May 14, 2017 Evening The LORD Delivers Rev S Williamson Genesis 12:1–20
May 14, 2017 Morning URCNA Missions Update Rev. R Bout
May 14, 2017 Morning Living a Life of Gratitude Rev. R Bout Colossians 2:6–7
Apr 23, 2017 Evening Pauls Thorn in the Flesh Rev Scott Wilkinson - Lead by Elder Eygenraam 2 Corinthians 12:1–10
Apr 23, 2017 Morning The Incarnate Word Rev J. Beeke - read by Elder Farenhorst John 1:1–14
Apr 16, 2017 Evening True Conversion is the Dying Away of the Old Self and the Coming to Life of the New Rev F Folkerts Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 33
Apr 16, 2017 Morning By The Resurrection of CHRIST, The Whole House of Israel is Made Alive Rev F Folkerts Mark 16:6
Apr 14, 2017 Morning O JESUS, What Have You Done Rev F Folkerts John 18:35–37
Apr 9, 2017 Evening GOD's Only Begotton, Incarnate Son - is Our LORD Rev Van Hal Hebrews 1:1–4
Apr 9, 2017 Morning The Messiah King Comes to Zion Rev Van Hal Matthew 21:1–22
Apr 2, 2017 Evening In Gratitude to GOD for Our Salvation, We Do Good Works Rev F Folkerts Galatians 2:20–21
Apr 2, 2017 Morning Now Abide These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love Rev F Folkerts 1 Corinthians 13:8–13
Mar 30, 2017 Evening Spring Prayer Service Rev F Folkerts Deuteronomy 8:3
Mar 26, 2017 Evening Christ-Like Submission in Marriage Ephesians 5
Mar 26, 2017 Morning While Spiritual Gifts Will Cease, Divine Love Endures unto Eternal Divine Glory Rev F Folkerts 1 Corinthians 13:1–13
Mar 19, 2017 Evening The Lord is my Deliverer Rev C VanDyken 2 Samuel 22:1–20
Mar 19, 2017 Morning Love One Another with Christ-Like Love Rev F Folkerts 1 Corinthians 13:1–8a