Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Title Minister Key Text
Jun 7, 2020 (Morning) Paul Confesses His Sure Confidence in Deliverance From His Chains Rev. Ancel Merwin Philippians 1:19
May 31, 2020 (Morning) "God blesses His church with men who understand the times and know what she ought to do" Rev. Ancel Merwin 1 Chronicles 12:23–40
May 24, 2020 (Afternoon) “Our Lord Jesus ascends to heaven to the right hand of the Father” Rev. Ancel Merwin Luke 24:36–53
May 24, 2020 (Afternoon) Our Lord Jesus Ascends to Heaven to the Right Hand of the Father Rev. Ancel Merwin Luke 24:36–53
May 24, 2020 (Morning) Our Father Desires That His Church Be a Prayerful People Rev. Ancel Merwin Philippians 4:6–7
May 21, 2020 (Evening) The Church has Comfort in the Reigning Christ Jesus Rev. Ancel Merwin Romans 8:34
May 3, 2020 (Morning) Paul Brings Encouraging News that His Chains Have Led to the Spread of the Gospel Rev. Ancel Merwin Acts 28:11–31
Dec 22, 2019 (Morning) A Fullness Dwells in the Mediator Rev. Mark Vander Hart Colossians 2:1–15
Dec 15, 2019 Preparing for Christ through Humble Service Rev. Greg Bylsma Matthew 25:31–46
Dec 15, 2019 (Afternoon) Hope for the Dirty Rev Daniel Ventura Revelation 12:7–12
Dec 8, 2019 (Afternoon) The Invisible Hand of the Lord Mr. Carl Gobelman Ruth 2
Dec 8, 2019 (Morning) Kindness in the Midst of Disaster Mr. Carl Gobelman Ruth 1
Nov 24, 2019 (Afternoon) Conduct Yourself in Fear Daniel Hamstra 1 Peter 1:17–21
Nov 24, 2019 (Morning) The Suffering Shepherd Daniel Hamstra Zechariah 13:7–9
Nov 17, 2019 (Afternoon) God's Patience (or longsuffering) Rev M Moesker 2 Peter 3

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