Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Title Minister Key Text
May 2, 2021 (Afternoon) The Church confesses that there is only one God Rev. Ancel Merwin Isaiah 40:12–31
May 2, 2021 (Morning) "The LORD provides tremendous comfort to His troubled people" Rev. Ancel Merwin Psalm 125
Apr 25, 2021 (Afternoon) The LORD GOD is our strength Rev. Ancel Merwin Habakkuk 3
Apr 25, 2021 (Morning) God's children joyfully conclude their prayers just as the Lord Jesus taught them Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 6:1–13
Apr 11, 2021 (Afternoon) The Christian prays out of a great need to not be led into temptation Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 6:1–15
Apr 11, 2021 (Morning) We examine Esther's choices as a child of the kingdom Rev. Ancel Merwin Esther 2
Apr 4, 2021 (Afternoon) Christ teaches His people to pray daily for the forgiveness of sins Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 6:1–15
Apr 4, 2021 (Morning) Jesus' resurrection turns the disciples' sorrow into joy Rev. Ancel Merwin John 20:1–18
Apr 2, 2021 (Morning) Jesus' death on the cross demonstrates the great depth of His sacrificial work! Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 27:27–56
Mar 28, 2021 (Afternoon) The incomprehensible God Rev Marc Jagt Psalm 139
Mar 28, 2021 (Morning) Christ the King is humiliated on His way to the cross! Rev. Theo Wieringa Matthew 27:27–31
Mar 21, 2021 (Morning) Mordecai's Actions For The Coming of The Kingdom Rev. Ancel Merwin Esther 2
Mar 14, 2021 (Afternoon) Christians pray to the God of peace that His will be done on earth Rev. Ancel Merwin Hebrews 13:20–21
Mar 14, 2021 (Morning) The Sovereign God continues to usher in His kingdom among the kingdom of men. Rev. Ancel Merwin Esther 1
Mar 7, 2021 (Afternoon) The Church prays for our heavenly Father's complete rule over all things Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 6:5–14

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