Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Title Minister Key Text
May 26, 2024 (Morning) Let us live in the light of the day of our Lord! Zachary VanderPloeg 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11
May 19, 2024 (Afternoon) Jesus Pursues the Chief of Sinners Rev. Steven Huisman Acts 9:1–19
May 19, 2024 (Morning) The Spreading Flame: Christ and the Ethiopian Eunech Rev. Greg Bylsma Acts 8:26–40
May 12, 2024 (Afternoon) Christ instituted baptism in the place of circumcision. Dr. Jason Van Vliet Genesis 17:1–14
May 12, 2024 (Morning) Our King has ascended to sit on His throne. Dr. Jason Van Vliet Psalm 47
May 5, 2024 (Evening) The Instruction of the angles at Christ's ascension, also for us today Rev M Moesker Acts 1:1–11
May 5, 2024 (Afternoon) Baptism: God shows He is faithful to His family tree Taylor Bredenhof Romans 11:11–24
May 5, 2024 (Morning) From heaven the Lord God almighty reigns in majesty. Rev F Folkerts Revelation 4
Apr 28, 2024 (Afternoon) Look to God for Sustenance Mr. Bruce De Visser Matthew 6:11
Apr 28, 2024 (Morning) Christ's Presence in Purity and Power Mr. Bruce De Visser Revelation 1
Apr 21, 2024 (Afternoon) In Christ and by His Spirit, we overcome evil with good Dr. Gerhard Visscher Romans 12:21
Apr 21, 2024 (Morning) The Apostle Paul reminds us: the grace of God produces Christian love among the people of God: Dr. Gerhard Visscher Romans 12:9–16
Apr 14, 2024 (Morning) Walking the Old Paths Rev. Greg Bylsma Jeremiah 6:6–21
Apr 11, 2024 (Evening) You Visit the Earth Rev. Al Bezuyen Psalm 65
Apr 7, 2024 (Afternoon) In Christ, we strive to love God's law with our whole heart. We are: Br. Todd Linde Matthew 15:1–9

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