Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Title Minister Key Text
Oct 20, 2019 (Morning) In the eighth plague the Lord sends locust to humble Pharoah and devastate Egypt. Read by David Werkema Exodus 10:1–20
Oct 14, 2019 (Morning) Thankfulness Shouldn't be Surprising Amongst God's Covenant People Read by van den Berg, Elder Peter John 6:1–15
Oct 13, 2019 (Afternoon) The Rich Comfort of Having a Great High Priest in Heaven Dr. Arjan de Visser Acts 1:1–11
Oct 13, 2019 (Morning) Christ the Light of the World Dr. Arjan de Visser John 9
Oct 6, 2019 (Afternoon) Saved by the Man or Sorrows Rev. Harry Zekveld Isaiah 52:13—53:12
Oct 6, 2019 (Morning) Our Help and Our Hope Rev. Harry Zekveld Psalm 146
Sep 29, 2019 (Afternoon) God's People Continually Pray For the Coming of the KIngdom Rev. Ancel Merwin Acts 17
Sep 29, 2019 (Morning) Jesus Uses a Powerful Storm to Show His Disciples That They Can Completely Trust In Him Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 8:18–27
Sep 22, 2019 (Afternoon) The Power and the Grace of the Son of God Rev. Christo Heiberg Luke 8:22–56
Sep 22, 2019 (Morning) Only My Word Will Convince and Preserve You Rev. Christo Heiberg Luke 16:14–31
Sep 15, 2019 (Afternoon) Righteousness, Peace, Joy Rev. Mark Zylstra Romans 14
Sep 15, 2019 (Afternoon) Eternal Glory Rev. Mark Zylstra Revelation 7:9–17
Sep 8, 2019 (Afternoon) Overflowing Grace for the Chief of Sinners Rev Martin Vogel Acts 22:1–15
Sep 8, 2019 (Morning) God of the Dead, or of the Living? Rev Martin Vogel Luke 20:27–40
Sep 1, 2019 (Afternoon) Knowing the Holy God leads us to the truth. Rev. Thabet Megaly Isaiah 6

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