Immanuel United Reformed Church of Listowel


Date Title Minister Key Text
Nov 22, 2020 (Afternoon) God’s covenant people are to always treat His Name as holy Rev. Ancel Merwin Exodus 34:1–9
Nov 22, 2020 (Morning) The Christian counts all things as loss because of Christ Rev. Ancel Merwin Philippians 3:1–11
Nov 15, 2020 (Afternoon) Knowledge that Comforts Dr. Jeff Temple John 21:1–19
Nov 15, 2020 (Morning) The Boundaries of Belief Dr. Jeff Temple Mark 9:14–29
Nov 8, 2020 (Afternoon) David Praises God for His Goodness Rev. Ancel Merwin Psalm 138
Nov 8, 2020 (Morning) The Apostle Teaches Us About The Life We Now Live As Those Justified By Faith Rev. Ancel Merwin Galatians 2
Nov 1, 2020 (Afternoon) The Lord Jesus confronts sinners with the proper understanding of our worship of the Father Rev. Ancel Merwin John 4:1–42
Nov 1, 2020 (Morning) Paul Instructs us in the glorious truths of our redemption Rev. Ancel Merwin Romans 3:21–31
Oct 18, 2020 (Afternoon) Our God calls His people to give Him exclusive love Rev. Steve Swets Deuteronomy 18:9–22
Oct 18, 2020 (Morning) Our Lord graciously directs the body of Christ Rev. Steve Swets Psalm 133
Oct 11, 2020 (Afternoon) Our Confessions instructs us in our need for conversion (Part 2) Rev. Ancel Merwin Psalm 51
Oct 11, 2020 (Morning) Our Confession instructs us in our need for conversion (Part 1) Rev. Ancel Merwin Matthew 7:13–14
Oct 4, 2020 (Afternoon) We confess the great comfort in baptism Rev. Ancel Merwin Acts 2:1–41
Oct 4, 2020 (Morning) The Psalmist praises the God of Jacob for He is worthy of our trust Rev. Ancel Merwin Psalm 146
Sep 27, 2020 (Afternoon) Good works are the bridal dress of Christ’s bride Rev. William Den Hollander Isaiah 62:1–5

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